That is exactly what a customer from a well known Dutch yacht building company wanted. The sailing ship, Principessa Vai Via, laid in La Specia, Italy and needed a new mast of 37 meters long. There began a challenge for Wagenborg Nedlift. Was it possible to transport the mast by road to its final destination? After thorough examination of the route, loading and unloading location, the answer was positive. However, this does not mean that you can execute the transport overnight. It took about 8 weeks to arrange all necessary permits for this extraordinary special transport. Patience is a virtue and one day in February, the convoy took off heading for the south. After a nice and smooth trip, the convoy arrived on the 5th day after departure at the yard in La Spezia. The mast will be positioned onto the yacht there and the ship will be prepared for a new sailing season in sunny Italian waters.


Rondal mast


Rondal mast Italië

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