Recently Wagenborg Offshore was awarded a contract by DEME to support her dredging operations for the Sabetta Port project located in the Yamal peninsula in the northern arctic waters of Russia. Both ice breaking multipurpose support vessels ‘Sanaborg’ and ‘Serkeborg’ will be involved in this project.

The ‘Sanaborg’ will perform supply duties and make cargo runs between Murmansk and Sabetta. The ‘Serkeborg’ will act as a project management vessel. In order to accommodate the DEME Project staff, ‘Serkeborg’ has been outfitted with accommodation modules on her supply deck.  

From the 9th of July both vessels will depart her homeport Delfzijl via Murmansk to their area of operation. The operations of both support vessels will last until approximately October / November 2014, since the dredging fleet of DEME needs to move out of the Arctic before the winter season starts.


For the ‘Sanaborg’ it will be the second time that she visits the Russian Arctic waters after last year’s seismic support operation in the ‘close-by’ located Kara sea.

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