From the 16th till the 20th of May, Wagenborg Shipping selected trainees at the Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT), Philippines, together with twelve other shipping companies associated with the KVNR (Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners). A total of 42 cadets were selected, of which 70 deck- and 72 engine-cadets. Wagenborg selected four deck-cadets and six engine-cadets.


PIT and the KVNR have been co-operating since 2001 in educating Philippine officers for the Dutch fleet. Educational support is provided by the Scheepvaart en Transport College (STC), Rotterdam.

To mark the 10 year co-operation between PIT and the KVNR, mrs. Tineke Netelenbos, chairperson KVNR, presented Delia Combista, president for PIT, with  a bronze plaque, especially made for this tenth anniversary.




©photos: Henk Zuur

Translation: Josien Winter





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