The vessel ‘SERKEBORG’ from the Wagenborg Offshore fleet arrived at the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard for the conversion of the vessel. The vessel will have a crucial role in subsea maintenance and diving activities.

Serkeborg on her way to the shipyard
Serkeborg on her way to the shipyard

The conversion of ‘SERKEBORG’ is thoroughly engineered by a close cooperation between the Wagenborg Projects & Newbuilding department and shipyard Royal Niestern Sander. The major conversion of this shallow draught icebreaking support vessel into a diving support vessel comprises the following items:

  • converting the vessel into a DP2 vessel;
  • expanding the accommodation facilities with 12 people to a total of 24 (including 11 crew);
  • installation of a fire-fighting unit;
  • installation of a four point mooring system;
  • installation of a diving decompression chamber;
  • installation of a moon pool;
  • upgrade of the crane to a capacity of 25 tonnes at 10 metres outreach.

The conversion at the Niestern Sander shipyard will take approximately 22 weeks. 

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