Wagenborg recently chose a special transport route to transfer  ten mobile homes to the Dutch Wadden island Ameland. Due to substantial maintenance work currently carried out to the jetty at Ameland, the caravans could not be transported  by ferry which would be the most logical thing to do under normal circumstances. However the temporary bridge is not  constructed for such a  transport. Reason why an alternative had to be found.

In close collaboration with all parties involved a transport route was chosen, using Wagenborg Barge 2 and two pusher tugs. In Eemshaven the ten mobile homes, each weighing eight tonnes, were loaded on the barge and Wagenborg could embark on the journey across the Wadden Sea. The next day, the special transport docked at Ballumerbocht on Ameland, and the caravans could be  transported to their final destination.

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