Commissioned by Visser & Smit Bouw, Wagenborg is working hard at the moment, on the so called “Hotfloor” at the UMCG (University Hospital Groningen): the location for the new operating centre, emergency- and intensive care unit for adults. Wagenborg is positioning the steel construction for the Hotfloor, at the former courtyard.

Last weekend, Wagenborg deployed her 500 tons mobile crane, equipped with a 90 meter flexible jib, to place the support construction, measuring 16 meters in height. This construction consists of 12 large shipping containers and serves as a base for the Wagenborg Palfinger compact crane (the Palfinger PK27002-SH), playing a crucial role in the build of the steel construction at the UMCG.

On Sunday, October 15th, 2017, was the supreme moment, Wagenborg was able to install the compact crane on top of the support construction. It was the proverbial “cherry on top” for the many onlookers.

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