Recently Wagenborg succesfully performed a challenging project: weighing, loading, transporting and positioning several bridge parts of the new Stationbridge in Franeker (the Netherlands).

Last July, the transport and lifting activities were performed for the movable parts of the bridge, which are located in the basement of the bridge. For this job, Wagenborg deployed her 200 tons mobile crane. Last week, Wagenborg transported and positioned the tower (35 tonnes), the balance (230 tonnes) and the bridge deck (81 tonnes).

After weighing, the parts have been loaded by Wagenborg’s 300 tonnes sheerleg Triton. For the water transport, Wagenborg used two tugboats and two pontoons (tugs: Waterlelie and Waterpoort, pontoons: Wagenborg Barge 3 and DH4). On Friday, September 2nd, 2016, the tower was positioned by Wagenborg’s 350 tonnes crawler crane. On Monday, September 5th, the balance and the bridge deck were positioned. Due to lack of space, Wagenborg developed an alternative lifting solution: a combined water-land based lifting operation performed by the sheerleg and crawler crane.

In order to start the lifting operation by daylight, the Wagenborg team started positioning the equipment at 6.00 AM. First, the balance was installed. Thanks to the experienced team and their excellent communication skills, Wagenborg performed this special combined lift with sheerleg and crawler crane save and successfully.

As soon as the balance was installed, the sheerleg could lift the bridge deck from pontoon and position it at the right spot. During this operation, the crawler crane kept the balance in the right position. As soon as the bridge deck was installed, the hanging rods could be installed and the bridge could be secured in open position. Tuesday, September 6th at 6.00 AM the installation of the bridge deck was finished. Job done!

The Stationbridge in Franeker will be open for traffic by the end of October. 

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