On Saturday, June 27, 2015 Wagenborg hoisted the boiler and the frame of locomotive 23023 for the Dutch company ‘Stoom Stichting Nederland’. A major action whereby utmost concentration and precision was required. 

The boiler weighed 13,1 tons. The frame was even heavier and weighed 24,5 tons (including transport blocks, but excluding axles). Wagenborg hoisted the boiler and the frame of the locomotive by her Grove GMK 5110 over an 11 meters working radius. Machinist Erwin Arkenbout from Wagenborg performed this job in a highly accurate way. SNN is grateful for this proper execution.

Lifting the boiler is a big step forward during the revision of the locomotive. Now the boiler can be revised by chipping hammers (compressed air). Also the frame can now be cleaned. Many volunteers will be spending many hours cleaning the frame. SNN receives many donations from individuals and companies to pay the revision of the locomotive. 


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