On Thursday March 24th, attended by a lot of people, m.v. Elbeborg (yard-number 842) was launched, without ceremony, at Koninklijke Niestern Sander, Delfzijl. This vessel, with regard to her measurements, is the largest built by KNS on the landside of the dikes. Apart from this, it is also the largest vessel launched sideways in the North of the Netherlands. The slipway is now cleared for the assembly of yard-number 843, sistervessel of m.v. Elbeborg. She will eventually bear the name Eeborg. Expected delivery of the Elbeborg is beginning of June.       




General information:


lenght over all            144,56 metres

width                          15,87 metres

depth                          11,15 metre

DWT                          12.000 ton

cargo capacity            525.000 cft

main engine                4500 kW Wärtsilä 9L32C

speed                          15 knots






©pictures Alfred Andreae & Henk Zuur

Translation: Josien Winter






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