Recently Wagenborgs 300 tonnes floating crane has installed two bridge components crossing the Prinses Margriet Channel near Burgum in the Netherlands. This new bridge at Burgum is being renewed for an improved sailing route between Lemmer and Delfzijl. Wagenborg has been appointed as specialist for the loading, transport and installation of two bridge decks. The two bridge decks are weighing 200 and 260 tonnes.

The Wagenborg engineers were involved at an early stage of the project, since the installation space was tight and both components were challenging to lift. By innovative and smart solutions a suitable solution was found for all parties involved. Also the inspection organizations were happy with the plans Wagenborg came up with.

The activities began at Friday by loading two bridge parts onto Wagenborg Barge 6 at the BSB yard in Burgum. Subsequently the transport to the constructions site could begin. The next morning the day began with a toolbox meeting after which the first bridge could be installed. Because of the good preparation and communication with the client the first bridge part was installed successfully within one hour.

Due to good weather also the second bridge part was installed soon. The temporary block of the adjacent bridge could be undone much earlier than foreseen to the full satisfaction of the local authorities.

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