After a trip of 14 days the m.v. Marietje Andrea with the new swing bridge arrived at the island of St. Maarten.

The bridge, which had to be installed on the center pillar in the Simpson Bay Lagoon, first had to pass the Simpson Bay bridge. Because of the shallow waters and the narrow passage, before and after the bridge 2 barges were positioned next to the sailing route. Without any problems could the Marietje Andrea be moored to teh first pontoon. It did not take long before the bridge opened and slowly the huge vessel could pass. In the meanwhile hundreds of people were present to watch te show. Never ever before a vessel of this size passed the Simpson Bay Bridge. The first success was there!

Once moored to the center pillar, preparations for the jacking and skidding operations could begin. The next day the swing bridge was positioned onto its final position thanks to the craftmanschip of all crews involved. Another succesful action!

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