During the night of 24th to  25th of October 2015, the main bicycle  track from Westenholte, Kampen and Stadshagen to the city centre in Zwolle  was completed by  placing the “Blalobridge”.  Many people witnessed this spectacular event, despite the late hour.

From 20:00 hrs.   the road under the bridge (the ‘Blaloweg”) was closed for traffic in order to start rigging  the cranes and  position the container supports. After the ramps for the SPMT’s were laid down and  the last train passed on the adjacent railway bridge,  transport of the bridge by SPMT’s could start around 22.30 hrs. , For this purpose Wagenborg used 2 x 6 axle-lines SPMT’s. Around midnight two 200 tonnes mobile cranes lifted the impressive bridge deck (51 meters long, 7,5 meters wide, 7 meters high and weighing 100 tons). Around 01.00  hrs the bridge deck was  placed at height on container supports by SPMT’s. The SPMT’s transported the bridge section to  its final destination. The mobile cranes lifted the bridge sections from the SPMT’s onto  foundation. By executing this spectacular hoist, Wagenborg completed the main bicycle  track at  around 02:00 hrs.

As of December the bicycle bridge will be ready for use.

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