In april 2015, the first new 70-tons crane is delivered to Wagenborg. Meantime, also the last crane is delivered. Herewith the series of 7 new 70 tons telescopic cranes, with a 52,1 meters telescopic boom, is now complete. 

The cranes have an extra-long telescopic boom. Standard, the crane has a telescopic boom of 44 meters, but Wagenborg has chosen for an extra-long one, to create extra lifting height in a safe and responsible way. One of the new cranes has a double jib in addition to the extra-long telescopic boom of 52,1 meters. All cranes are equipped with two fully Euromot IV and EPA Tier 4F certified Mercedes diesel engines: one for the upper- and one for the undercarriage. 

Meantime the cranes are deployed over the different locations of Wagenborg. A great addition to the mobile equipment fleet of Wagenborg.

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