The Dutch gas network company Gasunie is currently working on a large number of extension projects on the gaspipeline network. Part of these projects is the construction of gas compression stations at various locations in the Netherlands. Also in Scheemda, near Groningen city, such a compression station is constructed. Wagenborg Nedlift had some nice activities there lately. First action was to pick up two heavy transformers of each 84 tons from the factory in Neurenberg, Germany and transport them to Scheemda with heavy transport trailers in special configuration. Upon arrival, two 500 tons hydraulic cranes offloaded the trucks and lifted the transformers into the compression building. For this tandem lift, a multi-beam was used: a multi functional piece of lifting equipment, suitable for heavy lifting works. All together, this operation resulted in some nice pictures!


Scheemda, kraan+trafo


Scheemda, 2 kranen met trafo





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