Currently Tennet is working to expand the grid in the municipality Noordoostpolder. One of its components is an extension of the power station in Ens. For this purpose Wagenborg has been commissioned the transportation and installation of three transformers of each 325 tons and 6 cooler banks of 20 tons each.

In the 2nd week of June Wagenborg successfully installed the second of the three transformers with associated cooler banks. Transformers were transported from the loading location Nijmegen first by modular axes and then transported by barge to Ens. Loading and unloading in Nijmegen on a pontoon took place in accordance with proven RORO method. Road transport in Ens from roro site to site (about 3 km) was performed with 2x12 SPMT axle lines.

For unloading and placing on site, a skidding system combined with climbing jacks were used to unload the transformers accurately from the SPMT's onto foundation The total time per complete set (1 and 2 transformer cooler banks) from Nijmegen to load placed on foundation took 6 days.

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