Wagenborg has been requested to transport two stators from the port of Rotterdam to the KEMA plant in Arnhem, The Netherlands, where the stators will be installed upon foundation. The first stator, measuring 7,37m x 3,87m x 3,3m (LxWxH) and weighing 183 tons, was transported recently in November 2014. 

From Rotterdam to Arnhem

The first stator was transported to the Port of Rotterdam with a sea going vessel. Here a port crane took care of the transshipment and directly lifted the unit from the sea going vessel into an inland barge. This barge subsequently took care of the transport of the stator to Arnhem by inland waterways and rivers. Upon arrival of the inland barge in Arnhem a 400-tons floating crane took care of the unloading and put the stator directly on a modular trailer. This modular trailer was positioned on the plants jetty. To maneuver and keep the floating crane in position several winches and a tug boat were used. After the unloading of the stator was completed successfully, the barge and floating crane left and the stator could continue his journey to his final position.

Transporting the stator to the project area

After securing the stator on the modular trailer, the transport to the project area could start. Nearby the new building area there was an underground cable tray. To cross this cable tray without damage Wagenborg built a temporary bridge over the cable tray. After passing the cable tray successfully the transport combination drives backwards into building.

Discharging and positioning the stator

The last stage of this project involved discharging the stator from the modular trailer and positioning the unit on his foundation. After the modular trailer drove backwards into the building, the modular trailer was lowered with his internal hydraulic system. When lowering the trailer the support beams underneath the transport frame were supported by a skidding system. After the full weight of the stator was on the skidding system and there was enough clearance between the deck of the modular trailer and bottom support beam the modular trailer could drive out of the building.

With the hydraulic skidding system the stator was skidded from the front side of the foundation to the top of it. After finishing the skidding operations, the stator was hooked to a hydraulic gantry system, which lifted the unit off the skidding system. Subsequently the skidding system was removed and the stator could be lowered onto the foundation to his final position by the gantry system.

A smooth execution of the first part of the project so far. We are looking forward to the second stator!

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