In February 2015, Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg Towage performed the transport and installation of a 208 tons temporary bridge of 51 meters length in Münster (Germany). The bridge will be used for about three years. Meanwhile, the old ‘Schillerstraβen-Brücke’ will be replaced by a complete new bridge.  

The entire project includes the following stages:

  1. Skidding the temporary bridge from the quayside onto the Wagenborg Barge 3
  2. Water transport from Waltrop to Münster
  3. Lifting and installation of the bridge onto its foundation

Loading of the bridge onto the Wagenborg Barge 3 has been carried out by a Wagenborg skidding system. The barge was already prepared with its own skidding track, to save time during the operation. A Wagenborg Nedlift team prepared the skidding tracks underneath the bridge on the quay at the jobsite in Waltrop. After arrival of the WB3, the tracks were joined together and the bridge skidded onto the barge. During the skidding operation, the barge was continuously ballasted to maintain the correct level. The unique aspect in this operation was that skidding onto the barge took place sideways. 

During the second stage of the project, Wagenborg Towage took care of the water transport of the bridge towards the jobsite in Münster. The Wagenborg Barge 3 was perfectly fit for this job because of its dimensions and capacity.

At last, the bridge needed to be lifted onto its foundation. The lifting operation was performed in a tandem lift with a Demag AC 700 and a Liebherr LTM 1750 hydraulic mobile crane. Because of the dimensions of the Wagenborg Barge 3, the bridge could be positioned diagonally in the canal between the foundations. In a time window of three hours the bridge was lifted from the barge and installed onto the foundation. The complete operation has been performed in only seven days.

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