On Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, Wagenborg launched “Wild Maa”, a tugboat weighing 253 tonnes. A spectacular tandem lift performed in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Prior to the tandem lift, Wagenborg transferred the tug, measuring 29 meters in length and 10,3 meters in width, from the construction hall to the quay using 14 axle lines conventional trailers. At the quay, two 700 ton mobile cranes lifted the tugboat from the conventional trailers and carefully positioned the boat in the water, the ‘Oude Winschoterdiep’.

After launching, the tugboat was towed to Waterhuizen (the Netherlands) where construction work of “Wild Maa” will be finalized. As soon as “Wild Maa” is ready to sail, she will continue her trip to her final destination: Basel (Switzerland).

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