On behalf of Breman Machinery B.V. Wagenborg unloaded a two-part 'up end system' from Seaway Heavy Lifting in IJmuiden in mid-January and placed it in the hall of Breman. Here the system will undergo an update.

Both parts, a 225 tonnes 'up end support frame' and a 200 tonnes 'up end cradle', were transported from the Maasvlakte to IJmuiden with a pontoon. Wagenborg used 4 x 6 axle lines SPMTs to unload the parts from the pontoon by means of a RoRo operation. The Wagenborg team then continued the transport to the hall of Breman Machinery B.V., where both parts will be adapted to the new standards for monopiles. It is expected that the parts will be ready for the return journey to the quay in mid-April 2018 and the system will be put back on board again to resume work.

The 'up end system' is used on board offshore vessels to place monopiles on board in vertical position, before they are placed in the sea with the help of the ship's crane.

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