Early April, 2016 Wagenborg transported a second ‘Mobile Wellhead Compressor Skid’ for the ‘Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij’ (NAM). April 2015, the first skid had been transported from Waddinxveen to Gaag. The second skid departed from Waddinxveen as well and is destined for ‘s Gravenzande (the Netherlands).

The skid (16,5 by 4 by 4 meters and weighing 62 tonnes) is loaded by a 200 tonnes mobile crane onto a special bridge combination: a 3-bed-6 configuration. The skid is transported to NAM location ‘s Gravenzande via highway N211. A journey of approximate 50 kilometers, which required a lot of preparations. For example, several traffic lights needed to be removed (temporarily).

On arrival in ‘s Gravenzande, a 400 tonnes mobile crane unloaded the skid. Here, the skid will help to extract the last 0,3 milliard m3 gas from one of the gas fields. 


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