Wagenborg Nedlift has her primary focus on quality and safety. For years already, Wagenborg Nedlift is certified in accordance with VCA**. As per 1 March 2013, Wagenborg Nedlift is certified in accordance with VCA-P standard. VCA-P is a safety standard focused on the direct control of QSE aspects during operations, the company’s QSE structure and further specific requirements in petrochemical industry in the Benelux countries.


Working safely and healthy, with much attention to the environment and people involved: this is an important investment in our company which demands efforts from all our employees and partners in our project execution practice. We want to guarantee this safety level, now and in the future. We are therefore proud to announce that Dutch certification authority Aboma awarded the VCA-P certificate to Wagenborg Nedlift B.V.


VCA-P is the highest standard of VCA Checklist. A significant difference between VCA-P and the other VCA standards (VCA* and VCA**) is the focus on QSE awareness and behavior. Within Wagenborg Nedlift we have a strong focus on QSE awareness and behavior and we therefore can meet the demanding requirements on this topic  in the VCA-P standard. As a result, the VCA-P certificate was awarded to us.


Wagenborg Nedlift’s safety and quality policy remains absolutely focused on further improvements in safety, quality and QSE awareness and behavior. The VCA-P certificate is an intermediate step in this continuous process towards a safer organization.


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