As of June 2015, Wagenborg performed several projects for the construction of the ‘Vattenfall’ power plant in Berlin Lichterfelde: it concerned transport of the steam turbine, generator, transformer and several filter sections. 

The first project concerned transporting  the steam turbine and the generator, weighing almost 129 tonnes and 183 tonnes, from Plzen (Czech Republic) to Berlin (Germany). Both components had been transported to the Czech port of Lovice by modular trailers. From Lovice the power plant components started their journey by inland vessel to port Steglitz in Berlin. The transhipment in this German port was challenging because in  the vicinity of the transhipment location a  landing platform  for the trauma helicopter of the local hospital was situated. A special work permit for the transhipment was therefore required.

As soon as the LR1400 crawler crane loaded the steam turbine on 10 axle-lines SPMT’s and the generator on 2 x 10 axle-lines SPMT’s, the last part of the journey could  commence road transport from the port in Berlin  to its final destination, the ‘Vattenfall’ power plant in Berlin Lichterfelde. 

After transporting the steam turbine and generator, Wagenborg transported the 142 tonnes transformer from the factory in Bad Honnef  to the plant. In Bad Honnef, the transformer was transported from the manufacturer to the RoRo quayside near the Rhine. From, this point the water transport to Rotterdam  by barge started. In Rotterdam, the transformer was transhipped into an inland vessel. The inland vessel transported the transformer to the Berlin port, a distance of approximately 600 kilometers. Finally SPMT’s transported the transformer to the construction site, where she was unloaded and positioned by a 500 tonnes lifting gantry.

Currently Wagenborg is carrying out the final part of the entire project: transporting  several filter sections from port Steglitz (Berlin) to the power plant. Wagenborg will transport two filter sections weekly until approximately the end of October 2015 when the project will be finished.

In the summer of 2012 construction of the ‘Vattenfall Combined Heat Power plant’ in Berlin Lichterfelde (Germany): started a new power plant  generating electricity and district heating in an eco-friendly and save way. The expected completion of the plant will be heating season 2015/2016. 

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