In 2014 Wagenborg has made an important contribution to the construction of a huge indoor jungle  at the site of Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen (The Netherlands). Also for the furnishing of the greenhouse this year, Wagenborg is doing a lot of work and performs all horizontal and vertical transport.

After completion of the construction of the jungle, one of the largest greenhouses in Europe, the furnishing has begun. Trees, plants, rocks, animal shelters, watchtowers linked together by gangways, a simulated crashed plane where the walk leads right through, the park is full of surprises for the visitor. Wagenborg transports, lifts and places all furnishing elements in a workmanlike way. 

Besides inside the greenhouse Wagenborg carries out different kind of activities outside the greenhouse, at the park. For example Wagenborg has placed the constructions of the animal cages, the connecting bridge to the Arctic and the gallery at the sea lions.

At this moment the activities are still in full swing. The Experience Park will be ready in October 2015. The opening for the public will be in the spring of 2016.

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