MRP (Mayo Renewable Power) is building an innovative power plant at the former Asahi site in Killala (Ireland). Wagenborg transported the power train on site for this new plant and positioned the elements at their foundation.

The entire project can be divided into two phases. During the first phase, Wagenborg transported the turbine and the generator from the storage location to the lifting gantry by an 8 axle-lines modular trailer. Hereafter the turbine and the generator were positioned onto their foundation (at 3 meters height) by 500 tonnes lifting gantry. This was a challenging job, as the fundament was surrounded by a wall of stones, exactly where the rails should be placed. On top of that, there was no hall crane available for installing gantry system. Wagenborg passed these challenges by her solution-oriented way of working and her creativity. Furthermore, the lube oil console and the gland condenser have been placed during the first phase of this project by a 55 tonnes mobile crane.  

The second phase of the project comprised unloading and positioning of the transition duct, the hot well and the main condenser. For these jobs, Wagenborg deployed a 200 tonnes mobile crane.

Mayo Renewable Power (MRP) is building a 42.5 MW (net) biomass High Efficiency CHP plant in Killala. CHP (or Combined Heat & Power) is a form of technology whereby both heat and electricity are produced to obtain the maximum energy from the input fuel. In operation, this new plant will use wood chip biomass to generate heath and electricity.

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