Wagenborg continues her power train deliveries. Recently this concerned the transport, transhipment and installation of a generator and gas turbine, weighing respectively 365 and 385 tonnes for the Köln-Niehl power plant in Germany. This power plant will be a 450 MW combined-cycle heat and power plant (CHP) and is part of Germany’s energy turnaround programme, which includes the building of highly efficient combined heat and power plants.

Niehl 3 – One of Europe’s most modern and effective power plants

The German utility RheinEnergie is investing around 350 million euros in her new combined-cycle heat and power plant that will be operational and connected to the power grid in 2016. The power plant will provide power up to 1 million households and in addition, climate friendly thermal heat for another 30.000 households. Thanks to an effectiveness of 86%, an impressive 400.000 tonnes of CO2 can annually be saved compared to the average emissions emitted by German heating installations with a similar thermal heat output. Niehl 3  makes a double contribution concerning the environment: On one hand by the high saving potential of carbon dioxide. On the other hand by making it possible to provide back-up power supply to close the unavoidable gaps in power that occur with renewable energy. 


For the transhipment of both heavy components our 750 tons crawler crane (LR1750) with main boom in super lift configuration was mobilized in Cologne on the quay side near the Köln-Niehl power plant. This large crawler crane lifted both the gas turbine and the generator from an inland vessel onto our SPMT. To safely carry the weight of these heavy loads the SPMT was assembled in a double connected 14 axle-line configuration.

Transport & installation

To reach the construction site at the power plant, where the generator and gas turbine had to be installed, a short transport route by public road was necessary. To avoid additional handling at the construction site and thus save time, the skidding system, which would be used for installation, was already positioned on the SPMT during  the transport.


After transporting both the generator and the gas turbine to the power plant, the components were installed onto their foundation using the skidding system in combination with our 500 tons lifting gantry. The SPMT was positioned in front of the foundation. Subsequently, the skidding beams were connected and the components were skidded sideways onto the foundation. After removing the SPMT the items were lifted by the gantry system out of the transport frame and onto their final position.


By combining our knowledge and experienced people with state of the art equipment, Wagenborg was able to carry out this project safely and within the time schedule as agreed. The upcoming period Wagenborg will stay on site at the Köln-Niehl power plant for the transhipment, local transport and installation of several boiler units, stack parts and various modules with our 350, 400 and 750 tons crawler cranes.


To be continued!

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