Wagenborg Shipping deals with a wide range of 'dry cargo'. Wagenborg is particularly specialized in forestry products, including timber, paper and cellulose, steel products, including plates, rolls and rails and project cargo, such as wind mills, pipes and Terex cranes.

The Wagenborg fleet consists of approximately 170 vessels owned by Wagenborg and captain owners and is modern and environmentally friendly, whilst our capacity ranges from 2,000-23,000 tonnes. With this diversity in size and tonnage Wagenborg can guarantee just-in-time deliveries for nearly every cargo.

This year Wagenborg already shipped numerous different Terex® Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes to several European ports, such as Sundsvall, Southampton, Livorno and Genoa. This last shipment was executed by the m.v. Zeeland, which was loaded in Schiedam (the Netherlands) for Genoa (Italy).

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