Recently Royal Wagenborg completed an important period of 7 years of shipbuilding at the Chinese shipyard Hudong Zhonghua, Shanghai. Starting back in 2006 with 6 (and 2 optional) 1A ice-classed geared multipurpose vessels, eventually turned into a large series of 21 vessels.

The construction of this series of so-called ‘A-type’ started on September 27th  2006 with the m.v. Amstelborg and finished on November 13th  last year with the m.v. Alaskaborg. In the meantime Wagenborg signed an additional contract for a ‘T-type’, measuring an additional 30 meters in length, equipped with a fourth deck crane. Both the ‘A’ and the ‘T’ type vessels are currently deployed worldwide for shipping forest products, steel, break bulk and containers.

With the recent delivery of m.v. Trinityborg on November 14th , seven years of Chinese shipbuilding of these series came to a close for Wagenborg.

Shortly after delivery, m.v. Trinityborg started her maiden voyage under command of Master Oleg Mazurov. They will load break bulk in the port of Lianyungang with destination Baie Comeau and Florida.

m.v. Trinityborg
m.v. Trinityborg
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