Wagenborg has ordered 2 new Spierings towercranes. In addition to the 4 recently ordered Spierings SK597-AT4, Wagenborg now invests in the largest type mobile towercranes as well.

Gerard Bastiaansen, Managing Director Wagenborg Nedlift: “In 2004, Wagenborg was one of the first companies who started using this type of crane. In the past 14 years, the SK 1265-AT6 acquired an excellent position in our company. I cannot imagine our fleet without the ’60 meters’ of Spierings, as this crane is called in our crane world”.

The Spierings SK1265-AT6 Mighty Tiny is the biggest mobile tower crane in the market. This powerfull crane is extremely flexible, despite its great capacity. Only one crane operator is necessary to drive, assemble and operate the machine. The crane always carries its own steel plates (measuring 2,4 x 1 meter). The crane operator is able to position the plates himself by a special lifting device. No extra counterweight or jib sections are needed. After outrigging, it only takes 11 minutes to assemble the machine (fully automatic). So, the crane can be operational within only 30 minutes.

The maximum radius of the SK1265-AT6 is 60 meters, combined with a capacity of 1.700 kilograms. The maximum hoisting load is 10.000 kilograms at 13.2 m radius. The maximum hoisting height is 64 meters with a peaked position of 30°. In horizontal position, the hoisting height is 35 meters.    

The undercarriage is equipped with a DAF MX13-375 Euro 6 engine, which delivers a power of 375kW. The crane is equipped with a John Deere 4045HFG82 constant rPM engine, directly connected to 3 hydraulic pumps which coordinates the crane movements proportionally.

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