In order to facilitate widening of the N366  - the provincial road stretching from Veendam to Oude Pekela, the Netherlands -  50 trees had to be moved. Today, Wagenborg started moving the first one!

These trees, weighing 17 to 20 tonnes each, all needed to be moved approximately 20 meters. In 2013 already, company BTL Bomendienst started all preparations, such as digging the trenches around the trees and encapsulating the root system.

Today, at 8.00 AM, Wagenborg started lifting and moving the first tree. For this job Wagenborg deployed a 200 tonnes mobile telescopic crane. From Monday, November 21, 2016, Wagenborg will deploy a second 200 tonnes mobile crane to get  the job done. Next week, all trees will be moved.

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