ESTA is the European trade organization for crane- and special transport companies. During this dinner the traditional awards were presented. Two prizes were awarded to Wagenborg Nedlift.

A prize for second place was awarded for positioning a 90 ton press in Nijverdal. The biggest challenge in doing this project was the shear size of the press. Since the entrance clearance was limited, the press had to be re-positioned from the horizontal transport-position into a tilted position to enable the 300 ton and 120 ton crane to position the press into the beam-trailer. The press was lying sideways, as it were, in the beam-trailer. With a margin of less then 15 millimeters it was now possible to transport the load in. After the press was discharged, the gantry was put into second position. In this position the press was placed horizontally again with the assistance of the gantry placing the press on skidding tracks and positioning it with supports. Next the gantry and skidding tracks were placed in the third position and the press was tilted upwards in line with the final position. To be able to move the press to its final position, the gantry and the skidding tracks had to be converted into the fourth position.

A third prize was awarded for a project done in Weener, Northern Germany. To be able to cross a waterway without damaging or breaking the bridge, a modular bridge-spanner was put into place. In this way the bridge was protected when crossing it with two heavy transformers of respectively 333 and 272 ton. The total span came to about 22 meters. The project was very successful.


Wagenborg Nedlift among the winners!Wagenborg Nedlift among the winners!Wagenborg Nedlift among the winners!Wagenborg Nedlift among the winners!

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