Thursday 7 June was the National Stimucounter Day. NOVO foundation contacted us at Wagenborg Nedlift, asking us whether it would be possible to organise an "internship day" for one of NOVO's clients, to demonstrate what we do at Wagenborg Nedlift. "Jan-Hendrik's would love to work with big machines for a day." Would we be able to fulfil his wish? Absolutely, you are very welcome!

Last Thursday, at 10:00 a.m., 47-year-old Jan-Hendrik, accompanied by his internship supervisor Pieter from the Noorderpoort Educational Centre, presented himself at the front desk of our head office in Groningen. A little nervous, but full of enthusiasm and very much looking forward to the day. While enjoying a cup of coffee, we talked to Jan-Hendrik.

Fascinated by large equipment from an early age

"My father used to work as a truck driver at Lommerts", says Jan-Hendrik with pride. "As a little boy I was often allowed to ride along on the truck, we would leave early in the morning. I used to love it!" Jan-Hendrik is now working hard to make his dream come true: to become a truck driver himself. As soon as he has passed his theory exam, he can start with practical lessons.

Guided tour

Time for the practical part. That is what Jan-Hendrik is interested in today. Some employees have therefore given him a guided tour of the office, the workshop as well as the shipyard, with great enthusiasm and joy. Jan-Hendrik couldn't believe his luck, because he was allowed to ride on a forklift truck, to take a look in the cabin of a 500-tonne mobile crane and, to cap it all, he was given a demonstration of the assembly and dismantling of a Spierings AT4 tower crane. "Cool! Incredible! Awesome!", according to Jan-Hendrik.

Wagenborg in action

Having enjoyed a sandwich and a cup of coffee, and some time to catch his breath from all the impressions, the moment had arrived: heading out to Eemshaven to take a look at the dismantling of the wind turbine blades with the help of two mobile cranes. Here, too, the project and the work were explained in detail by enthusiastic train drivers and the project manager. A very special experience for Jan-Hendrik.

Jan-Hendrik, and we as well, look back on a very successful day. And whether Jan-Hendrik's wish has been fulfilled? "Absolutely", according to a very content Jan-Hendrik. Mission accomplished!

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