Last weekend Wagenborg Nedlift performed in cooperation with Bolk Transport an exceptional transport. Five beer fermentation tanks left the manufacturer of the tanks, through Emmen, the N381 and via the A31 to the port of Drachten. The beer tanks weigh 41 tons and have a diameter of 7 meters. In its totality there will be about 40 beer fermentation tanks driven to the port of Drachten by Bolk Transport in collaboration with Wagenborg Nedlift.


Due to the frequent transportation of such large tanks of Emmen via the port of Drachten the manufacturer made an agreement with the provinces of Drenthe and Friesland to keep the above route permanently available for such transportation.


From Drachten, the tanks will be loaded into barges, which will skip the tanks in Harlingen on a coaster. This vessel will set direction to the final destination of the Heineken brewery in Seville.

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