At the annual meeting of ESTA (the European Association of Heavy Transport and Lifting companies) on April 19th  in Paris, Wagenborg Nedlift won the ESTA Award in the category ‘lifting jobs up to 120 tons’.


The prizewinning job was executed in June 2011.  In order to supply the new built Magnum Powerplant in Eemshaven with gas, a new gas pipeline had to be constructed from the Gasunie grid in Spijk up to the new  power plant. This gas pipeline crosses the one and only main road to Eemshaven industrial park. It was not permitted that this road would be blocked during construction works on the gas pipeline. Therefore, the main contractor chose for a horizontal drilling operation underneath the main road.


Wagenborg Nedlift took care of handling the 24 inch pipeline with a length of 400 meters (!) and a gross weight of 77 tonnes during drilling operation.

Keeping the pipeline in a perfect entry angle at the front of the drilling hole without overloading one or more of the eight cranes used on this job was a major challenge. This challenge was met by accurate height measuring and flawless communications.  “A fine piece of co-operation within our project team”, says managing director Ton Klijn, who was more than happy to receive the award. “Working closely together on both engineering, project management and operational level, offering our customer a unique and safe solution: this exactly is our strong point at Wagenborg Nedlift”.


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