Recently, Wagenborg transported two new concrete railway bridges at Deutsche Bahn railway track Viersen (Germany). Both bridges had to be constructed and assembled on beforehand, as it was only allowed to close off the railway for one week. But how do you transport two concrete bridges, almost weighing 1000 tonnes each? Wagenborg tackled this challenge. 

Wagenborg used 28 full and 12 half axle-lines SPMT’s, combined with a 500 tonnes hydraulic jacking system. After the SPMT’s transported both bridges to their final locations, the bridges had been jacked down onto the sand beds. A challenging project. 

First of all, it was impossible to position the fully configured SPMT’s underneath the first bridge, due to lack of space on site. Therefore the SPMT’s and also the supporting construction frame, had been built up in parts. Usually, the power pack is positioned behind the SPMT’s. Regretfully there was not enough space to assemble the power pack in this way. Wagenborg found a creative solution and positioned the power pack on top of the rear axle-lines.

Positioning the second bridge was another challenge. The sheet piles were positioned in a different way than expected. Result: a minimum margin for jacking down the bridge over 2,5 meters. With great precision the experienced Wagenborg team positioned the bridge upon its foundation.

Wagenborg positioned both bridges to full satisfaction of her client.   

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