Wagenborg transported and positioned 4 enormous steel beams destined for the Pontsteiger in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). These steel beams, manufactured by Buiting Staalbouw in Almelo (the Netherlands), connect the residential towers of the Pontsteiger.

At the beginning of June, 2017, after an extensive preparation period, the steel beams could be positioned, as soon as Wagenborg transported the beams from Almelo to Amsterdam via road and water. Regretfully, positioning the first beam had to be postponed due to strong winds. Disappointing for many witnesses and parties involved, like the residents of the Silodam. June 9th, 2017, the wind dropped and Wagenborg positioned the first beam.

Wagenborg deployed two 500 tonnes mobile cranes (both equipped with jib) to position the beams, measuring up to 48,5 meters and weighing up to 78 tonnes each. The Pontsteiger is located on the river IJ, a beautiful, but very tight location to position the cranes as they had to be positioned between the building and the sheet piling. Not a problem for Wagenborg, just an interesting challenge. In close cooperation with all parties involved, Wagenborg positioned the first beam according to plan. While positioning the beams, craftsmanship and communication between the crane operators was paramount, considering that the margin to manoeuvre was only millimeters.  

The Pontsteiger in Amsterdam will be one of the biggest and highest residential buildings of Amsterdam, designed by architectural firm Arons & Gelauff. A real eye catcher of the city’s skyline, with view over the river IJ and the port, called Houthaven. Please check www.pontsteiger.nl for more information.

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