Early July, 2016, Wagenborg placed new billboards at the First Rotterdam office (counting 31 floors) using her 500 tons and 80 tonnes mobile cranes. The office is located in the city center of Rotterdam (the Netherlands). A special job, as two billboards had to be placed at 120 meters height.

Wagenborg deployed her 500 tonnes mobile crane with 52 meters main boom to place the highest billboards and fitted with a 90 meters luffing jib. The crane is equipped with a 120 tonnes counter weight and tensioned by a midpoint suspension frame. In this configuration, the craftsmen of Wagenborg placed one billboard on the ‘Weena’ side and one on the ‘Kruisplein’ side. Prior to the placement, a steel frame was placed, in order to position the billboards.

The 80 tonnes mobile crane positioned the other two billboards at a lower level: at a height of 30 meters.

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