Holland Malt, located in Eemshaven (the Netherlands), is expanding. The malt house mainly produces pilsner malt. Holland Malt decided to expand her production capacity due to growing demand. For this purpose, Wagenborg positioned the first parts of the new silos on Monday, November 21st, 2016.

These components are part of two new storage silos, both measuring 52 meters in height. Company Iemants Staalcontructies NV commissioned Wagenborg to transport and position the parts, weighing up to 44 tonnes each. Wagenborg deployed heavy transport tractors and conventional trailers to perform this transport. To position the parts, Wagenborg deployed various equipment, like for instance mobile telescopic cranes able to lift up to 700 tonnes.   

The operations will continue until the end of 2017. Early 2018, the new buildings of Holland Malt will be put into use.

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