On Wednesday, October 5th, 2016, Wagenborg positioned the cyclotron (particle accelerator) in the new proton therapy center of the University Medical Center in Groningen (the Netherlands).

Tuesday night the cyclotron, consisting of two parts, was transported from Antwerp (Belgium) to Groningen. In Groningen, the Demag CC2200 crawler crane was already in position. On Wednesday,  early in the morning, the last preparations were made and the first part of the cyclotron, weighing 110 tonnes, was lifted and positioned. The second part, also weighing 110 tonnes, followed in the afternoon. A special event.

The cyclotron is a circular particle accelerator and is part of the new UMC Groningen proton therapy center. This center offers proton therapy to cancer patients. Proton therapy is a special kind of radiation therapy which is able to administer the radiation dose more accurately.   

Should you want more information please go to: www.umcgroningenptc.nl

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