On December 9th, 2016, Wagenborg positioned a new footbridge and elevator shaft underneath the ‘Nelson Mandelabrug’ in Zoetermeer (the Netherlands). An extremely complex job, since the location was very narrow. However, the Wagenborg Engineering department, in close co-operation with the client, succeeded in developing an excellent method of executing this job; functioning perfectly in practice.

As soon as the footbridge arrived from Nijverdal, a AC40 compact crane positioned the bridge (weighing 8 tonnes) at a temporary location. Wagenborg deployed a second AC40 compact crane, in order to lift the bridge, in tandem lift, up to a temporary support construction. Craftsmanship of the machinists and excellent communication with the hoist operator were very important during this special job.

Before the bridge could be placed onto her final position, the elevator shaft (weighing 12 tonnes) had to be positioned. Wagenborg lifted, tilted and positioned the elevator shaft onto her narrow foundation deploying both AC40 compact cranes and a cherry picker as tailing crane. A precise job, using every centimeter.

Finally, the bridge could be pulled/hoisted (from its temporary spot behind the elevator shaft) against the shaft to its final position where Wagenborg lowered the bridge by using both cranes (elevator side) and by jacking equipment on the other side.

Thanks to great efforts made and excellent co-operation by all parties involved, this project was successfully executed to the full satisfaction of the client.

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