Reining has won the Green Star of Connekt program “Sustainable Logistics”. This prize is awarded to logistics companies that have realized their CO2-targets within the Lean and Green program. CO2 emissions per ton/kilometer should be reduced by at least 20% within 5 years. Next to Reining, 13 other logistic service providers have been awarded the Green Star.

On behalf of Reining, Hens Koreman received the award from ambassadors Liane Philipsen (Wim Bosman Group), Riny Bow (SCA Hygiene Products), Christophe Campe (CHEP), Mark Haverlach (Interface) and Tom Tillmans (HJ Heinz) and managing director Connekt Nico Anten. The award ceremony took place during the first Lean and Green Connektion 2013 at Interface in Scherpenzeel.


Reining has been investing in its environmental strategy for years. Many improvements on technology,(driving) behavioral and occupancy have sustainably reduced our CO2 emission with more than 20%. Reining expects to make further improvements in trip optimization and by expanding intermodal solutions. Next to that, Reining uses a number of Ecocombi’s (Long Heavy Vehicles).

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