For Wagenborg, the Dortmund-Ems channel in Münster is no unfamiliar territory. In 2015 Wagenborg installed a temporary bridge over the channel. Afterwards, in 2016 the new ‘Schillerstrassen-Brücke’ was installed. This year Wagenborg had the Lährer Landweg Brücke planned. This is the second new bridge forming part of the Dortmund-Ems channel expansion. A total of eight new bridges will be installed over the course of the following years. 

Succesfull tandem

Before the Lährer Landweg Brücke can be installed next year, the existing 1957 bridge must be removed and demolished. For this task the successful tandem of ‘Wagenborg Towage en Wagenborg Nedlift’ was called in once more. Together they have proven to be able to (de)install various bridges professionally under different circumstances.

Two new pontoons

For this project, Wagenborg Towage deployed its two newest pontoons: Wagenborg Barge 14 and Wagenborg Barge 15. Both pontoons – built at Royal Niestern Sander shipyard – have a length of 65 m, a width of 11.4 m and a draught of 3.25 m. A unique characteristic of these pontoons is the fact that they can be mutually linked to form one large pontoon with a total width of 22.8 m. The pontoons were deployed in Münster in this configuration. 

Bridge removed

The two 10 axle SPMT’s on the linked pontoon were fitted with supporting beams. The pontoon was positioned under the bridge and anchored on the bank of the channel with four winches. Next it was a matter of lifting the pontoon in order for the beams on the SPMT’s to support the bridge. To achieve this, Wagenborg pumped the ballast water out of the pontoon. After the bridge rested firmly on the supporting beams, the pillars were cut. This left the bridge lying unrestraint across the pontoon. In order to safely transport the bridge to the nearest port, the SPMT’s were used to quarter turn the removed bridge on the pontoon.

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