During the Europort fair, shipping company Wagenborg Shipping has received a number of AMVER Awards from Benjamin Strong of the US Coast Guard. Fleet Director Theo Klimp showed on behalf of Wagenborg appreciation of the honours awarded to some of her vessels. The voluntary participation of our captains in the USCG system leads to a better network of ships that can be used in Search and Rescue operations. This is important for the entire maritime sector. The AMVER Awards have been awarded since 1971 to thank the companies whose ships regularly participate in the system.

The Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System, or AMVER, is a system developed by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in 1958. The aim of AMVER is to engage ships engaged in rescue operations, for example, in merchant shipping. Therefore, the ships voluntarily provide information about the route and the type of vessel to be completed. This enables authorities to call on participating ships to help ships in distress. Due to the registration of different data, it is also possible to connect the most suitable ship to the desired demand from the available ships.

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