In the evening of April 9, 2015, Wagenborg has transported a ‘Mobile Wellhead Compressor Skid’ successfully from Waddinxveen to NAM site Gaag. A major challenge because of the enormous size of the skid (17 by 4 by 4 meters). A challenge which Wagenborg adapted with full confidence and which is carried out by Wagenborg in a safe and correct way.

In Waddinxveen, the skid is brought from the production hall to the outside by a 500 tons mobile telescopic crane, equipped with 160 tons super lift counterweight. Outside, the skid is loaded onto a special boiler bridge combination: a 3-bed-6 configuration. Wagenborg selected this special combination because of the big size of the skid, especially in height. By choosing this special boiler bridge combination, the skid could be loaded deeper. Hereby, it was possible to receive a dispensation for the most convenient route. 

The total transport, with an overall dimension of 43 by 5 by 4 meters and a total weight of 143 tons, arrived on site after a few hours after departure from Waddinxveen, completely according to plan. Lastly, a 500 tons mobile telescopic crane from Wagenborg unloaded the skid onto its final destination. 

The Mobile Wellhead Compressor Skid will be used on site to compress natural gas directly from the source to the production plant. 

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