Due to the German ´Energiewende´ the energy grid of TenneT is being prepared to handle energy from offshore wind farms. As one of the major components a transformer, weighing 260 tonnes, was transported and installed from Nürnberg to the substation in Diele last weekend.

Monday the 3th of November the transformer was already being transported from the manufacturer to Rotterdam by an inland water vessel. Upon arrival in Rotterdam a floating crane took care of the transshipment of the transformer and lifted the heavy unit on a 18-axle modular trailer. Subsequently the trailer drove on a pontoon, after which the journey could continue to Bingum (Germany) over inland waters. Saturday the 8th of November the transformer would be discharged by means of a RORO operation to be transported to the Diele substation on Sunday the 9th of November. 

The entire project was planned and prepared properly, but some occasions cannot be foreseen…. Due to heavy fog an inland vessel collided into a bridge located on the Eemskanaal near Groningen and temporarily blocked the transport route. The transport was jeopardized to get delayed. 

However, Sunday afternoon the transformer arrived at Bingum after which the load was transported to Diele within only 3,5 hours and installed upon foundation on Monday. For the road transport form the RORO quay to the substation, a 18-axle modular trailer was used. Upon arrival of the trailer at the transformerstation in Diele, the load was driven under a 500-tons lifting gantry, which lifted the transformer off the trailer. Finally the transformer was pulled to her final destination with hydraulic tirfors. 

A hectic project, but thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the Wagenborg crew perfectly executed! Wagenborg once again proved to be a true expert in transformer logistics.

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