In the upcoming days Wagenborg Towage will salvage the sunk German motor vessel Rothensee with her sheerleg ‘Triton’. Currently the 300-tons floating crane is travelling to the Rothensee accompanies by tugs and a pontoon and is expected to arrive Tuesday evening. The salvage operations are expected to start Wednesday morning.

Shipping traffic is completely jammed between Rühen and Calvörde after the Rothensee was hit by the Czech motorvessel Andromeda earlier. According the water police in Magdenburg the sunk vessel tried to moor in Bergfriede. When she lied sideways on the waterway she got hit by the other vessel. No one got hurt during the accident. 

Wagenborg expects the Rothensee to be floating again before the weekend to tow her to a nearby port. The Mittelland channel will probably be free during the weekend for other vessels.

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