After the successful transport of the dismountable cutter suction dredger “Ural River” from Nijkerk (the Netherlands) to Kazakhstan, early 2015, Wagenborg was asked to transport an identical dredger, named “Mangystau”. This dredger will be transported from Nijkerk (the Netherlands) to Bautino (Kazakhstan). 

Customized Damen CSD 650 dredger

The dredger is a customized Damen CSD 650 dredger and can be partly dismounted for transport. The heaviest part, weighing 138 tonnes, is the main pontoon. Besides the main pontoon there are several smaller pontoons, two spud poles, a cutter ladder with cutting unit and  a few 40’ containers with small parts, making a total of 24 items. 


The transport will commence in the first week of January. First stage will be the transport of all items by river vessels and Wagenborg Nedlift trucks from Nijkerk to Rotterdam (the Netherlands), where the components will be assembled. In Rotterdam all parts will be loaded on a Wagenborg Shipping Ice runner type vessel transporting the dredger to St. Petersburg, Russia. 

The most challenging part

Undoubtedly the most challenging part of the transport is the stretch from St. Petersburg to Kazakhstan over a distance of almost 3.000 km. Upon arrival in Bautino in Kazakhstan, the dredger will be assembled.

Although this transport route seems complicated, it turned out to be the quickest and most efficient way, taking into account the Caspian Sea cannot be reached directly by vessels during this time of year.

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