Wagenborg Projects & Logistics has transported two S-4000 hydrohammers, each weighing 460 tonnes, after a thorough building and testphase for IHC IQIP B.V.


Bigger and bigger

As offshore wind farms are predicted to move further offshore into deeper waters, the demand for larger monopiles and, subsequently, larger hammers is also expected to increase. Therefor IHC IQIP built the S-4000 Hydrohammer with a strike power of 4,000kJ resulting in the heaviest hydrohammer in the world. Recently two of these hammers are transported by Wagenborg from the IHC location to Cuxhaven (Germany) and IJmuiden (the Netherlands).

Door to door transport

After successful testing, the hydrohammer were lifted by means of a SBL500 jacking system the production hall of IHC. Subsequently a 10-axle double connected SPMT from sister company Wagenborg Nedlift could drive the first hammer to the nearby quay side.

The first hammer was loaded in the m.v. Sandettie (DWT 3000)  with destination Cuxhaven, Germany. A Demag 500SL of Wagenborg Nedlift assisted loading the hammer. In addition to the hammer are also two power packs and a hosewinch of respectively 2 x 43 tons and 36 tons were loaded. Upon arrival in Cuxhaven the jack-up vessel 'Innovation' exchanged the S-4000 hammer with a S-3000 hammer, which the m.v. Sandettie again shipped back to Kinderdijk.

The second hydrohammer was loaded onto a barge for the 'Seajacks Scylla. This hammer is delivered in IJmuiden together with other components such as power packs, hosewinches, hoses, a control cabin and spare parts containers.

This project again proved to be an example of the complete logistic services of Wagenborg. Carried out safe and according plan by the experienced Wagenborg crew and state of the art equipment.

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