On April 23rd, 2015 during the ESTA Users Night and Awards dinner, the ESTA announced the winners of the ESTA awards 2015. The ESTA Jurors committee selected a job of Wagenborg Nedlift as ‘Crane job of the year’ and is herewith the winner of the ESTA award 2015 in the category ‘Cranes Telescopic Lifting Capacity ≤120 tons’. 


The winning job is a challenging lifting job in down town The Hague, The Netherlands, carried out by Wagenborg Nedlift with her LTM1120 120 tons mobile crane. Some air treatment equipment had to be replaced on the roof of the Resident Building (Ministry of Public Health and Social Security). However, it was impossible to position a crane somewhere outside the building. The perfect spot for the crane was at the courtyard. But how to get a 120 tons mobile crane through the gate to the courtyard, as the crane was 3 meters wide and the gate only 2.75 meters?


Some inventive civil works, combined with smart engineering and real steersman ship of Wagenborg Nedlift’s crane operator, resulted in a perfect lifting solution. In close co-operation with the civil contractor, it was decided that the brickwork around the columns could be removed. By doing so, the gate width would grow from 2,75 meters until 3.10 meters. External rear mirrors and signal lights were removed from the crane and with just a few centimeters space, the crane could pass the narrow corridor.


Wagenborg Nedlift is proud to be selected as winner of the ESTA award 2015 with this customized solution.


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