On April 24th, 2016 during the ‘Esta Users Night and Award dinner’, the ESTA jury announced the winners of the ESTA awards 2016. Wagenborg is proud to announce that she’s the winner of the ESTA award 2016 in the Transport category: ‘Trailer load over 120t GCW (Gross weight)’ with the project Kruisvaartbrug Utrecht.  

No bridge too far! Summer 2015, Wagenborg transported the special bridge deck of the ‘Kruisvaartbrug’ in Utrecht (the Netherlands) in one piece from the fabrication yard in Rotterdam to the construction site in Utrecht. But how do you transport a composite bridge part measuring 14 x 23 meters and weighing 45 tonnes throught the city center?

Due to many obstacles and trees, the Wagenborg engineers developed an alternative solution: a specially designed support construction to transport the bridge section in upright position. In this way, all trees could keep their crowns. Wagenborg – Sign of Solutions.


ESTA - the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes - was founded in 1976 and since then has grown steadily.  Today, ESTA has active members in eighteen countries and has its focus on:

  • Continually improve equipment to create a safer working environment, alongside the manufacturers
  • Harmonize equipment travel rules, general conditions of work and reduce permit delays throughout Europe
  • Continuously improve the image of the sector
  • Enhance the quality of service provided to clients
  • Promote safer ways of working
  • Create the opportunity for ESTA's members to exchange information, allowing them to work together all over Europe


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