ESTA is the European Association for heavy transport & lifting companies. Every year this association hands out the ESTA awards in ten different categories for the most impressive and best projects in the field of heavy transport & lifting, safety and innovation. This year Wagenborg Nedlift received two ESTA awards: one in the category ‘Cranes lattice boom’ and one in the category ‘Trailer and load over 120t’.

Cranes lattice boom: ‘Vopak 2000 project’

Wagenborg was awarded a project in the Botlek area, where a total of 52 isolated storage tanks and 32 modules had to be transported and installed on the tank foundations at the Vopak Terminal.

All tanks were transport with container vessels to Vlaardingen where the tanks were unloaded successfully by a 500 tons CC2500 crawler crane. This crawler crane took care of the transhipment of the tanks on a double 10-axle Self Propelled Modular Trailer. The SPMT executed the on-site transport from the Vopak quay up to under the hook of the 750 tons LR1750 crawler crane with a 78m main boom and super lift. This heavy crawler crane lifted the tanks to their final position. A true challenge for Wagenborg. But when it gets difficult, we are at our best!

Project 'Vopak 2000'
Project 'Vopak 2000'

Trailer and load over 120t: ‘Green connection’

Wagenborg played an important role in the transportation and installation of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge "De Netkous". This bridge is part of the project “Green connection”. This almost 200 meters long bridge crosses the Betuwe rail track and the highway A15 and connects the south of Rotterdam with the green area outside the city.

The bridge sections, with lengths of 100 and 90 meters and a weight of respectively 350 and 325 tons, were moved  onto a barge  by SPMT’s at the site of the manufacturer and transported to the ECT City Terminal in the Port of Rotterdam to be put in a temporary storage. After this 2x16-axle conventional trailers drove the bridge sections safely to the construction site, where 2 x 500 ton mobile cranes and a Demag CC2200 crawler crane lifted the sections in a controlled manner to their final destination on their foundations. Great transport and lifting operations for a striking bridge!

Project 'Green connection'
Project 'Green connection'

A great basis for the future

Managing Director Ton Klijn of Wagenborg Nedlift was very happy with both ESTA awards. “Among many projects we executed last year these two projects really challenged our organization in terms of capacity, craftsmanship and quality. These two awards are a token of appreciation for our crews, which really put Wagenborg on the map by demonstrating our technical skills in an extraordinary way. After years of investing in our employees, organization and equipment I am proud we showed the industrial sector our expertise. A great basis for the future!”, concludes Mr. Klijn.

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